After only two lessons with Sally I could hear improvement in my news voice overs. As well as providing a few enunciation and inflection tips, she also helped me mentally prepare for the voice recording process. I've never been fully comfortable in a voice booth, but Sally's mantra that "voice time is show time" gave me a new, confident approach.
Harry Clarke
9 News
We were fortunate enough to have Sally speak at one of our Leading Ladies events. The content of her presentation on Vo-Quality was extremely well received by our guests. She was highly engaging and brought a positive energy to the room. Sally would suit an audience that is looking to up-skill their confidence in speaking not just publicly but in a workplace setting.
Anna O'Dea
Founder #LeadingLadies
Sally has an amazing way of engaging an audience and ensuring everyone is getting the most out of her coaching. Sally was also brilliant at the one on one coaching she offered for our group during breakout activities. Sally clearly has a brilliant ability to coach, teach and inspire anyone who gets to work with her. We will definitely be using Sally in the future!
Damian Nikolov
Innovation & Strategic Partnerships Lead Silver Chef
Sally is a very professional public speaking coach and trainer. Sally was able to assist me with taking away the nerves of speaking in front of an audience. I am now able to take the plunge into the Public Speaking arena and share my knowledge and experience with my peers. Without Sally this would have not happened. I highly recommend Sally who will put you at ease and help build your confidence to speak in front of an audience.
James Roache
International Business Manager
As someone prone to standing around awkwardly with my hands either glued to my side or clasped in front of me, Sally helped me so much in preparing for my first conference presentation - thanks to her, I felt like I could engage with my audience, not just talk at them. Her enthusiasm, encouragement and advice meant that I was prepared to work through the nerves...and, on the day, have a lot of fun!
Eleanor Madden
Urban Utilities
When I was asked to speak on a panel for Adobe about a graphic design, I contacted Sally straight away to book in a session. I am so glad that I did. She helped me organise and prepare what I wanted to say. As well as so many great tips and tricks to diminish my nerves and speak professionally. I had such a great time talking on the panel and am no longer terrified of public speaking. I couldn't recommend Sally highly enough.
Sharni Hargrave
Graphic Designer
Sally knows just what is needed to shape your voice, your presentation and your story telling. She'll take you from amateur to professional and to this day I get commended for my sound and delivery.
Evie Madden
Senior Media Advisor
I was fortunate enough to receive some voice coaching with Sally who is such an engaging coach and a brilliant person. A few takeaways for me were around the mindset of delivering a talk, thebreathing techniques and to not apologise for your voice, or in my case my accent. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
Stephen Harvey
Health & Safety Specialist
Sally's voice lessons were definitely the edge that helped me land my first gig in TV.
Jessica Moran
Southern Cross News Journalist
As someone from a digital news background who had no formal training in radio or television, I found voice coaching with Sally Prosser extremely helpful. Our sessions mostly focussed on radio news reading where I learnt the importance of pace, breath, emphasis, and timing. When I got my first job in radio one of the first items I feedback I got was that I had good tone, so thank you Sally for helping me develop that! Not only is Sally a wonderful teacher, she is also super supportive. She had lots of advice when I was applying for jobs and even checked in to see how certain applications were going. So I highly recommend visiting Sally if you are interested in any kind of broadcast journalism - not just for voice coaching, but for supportive insight into the industry too.
Leonie Thorne
ABC Journalist
Sally's confidence in her craft transfers to those she works with. We have benefited greatly from Sally's expertise and I highly recommend Sally to those who would like to feel confident in the way they communicate.
Louise Dudley
CEO Urban Utilities
Sally is an amazing voice coach who helped me improve my breathing, tonality and enunciation. Her industry experience and guidance proved invaluable when it came to applying for jobs and navigating the day-to-day stressors associated with being a journalist. Thank you Sal!
Laura Francis
Southern Cross Austereo Journalist
Sally was a wonderful mentor, who helped boost my confidence while I was studying at university. Her support and advice was invaluable when I was looking to start a career as a broadcast journalist. She is a fantastic voice coach, and her tips and tricks remain with me today. I can't recommend Sal's services highly enough.
Emily Arnold
7 News Journalist
Undertaking sessions with Sally was a great decision. As well as being friendly and easy to chat to, she's got some great techniques and explains everything so well. After just five sessions, I feel I've already improved a lot, and can't wait to keep training with her.
Jordan Bissell
Nine News Journalist
Sally's skill and dedication in voice coaching is excellent. She has worked with a number of my employees and not only improved their voice but their confidence as well. Her ongoing support to her students is admirable and reinforces the work she has done with them. It's transformative.
Cathie Schnitzerling
Regional Editor Qld, ABC
I was amazed at Sally's extraordinary ability to quickly identify my own unique strengths and inner voice and to help me really bring those to life. My Power Session with Sally not only gave me the confidence to own my voice, it enabled me to truly be in control of my voice and take my presentations to the next level. The skills I took away from my time with Sally go way beyond the presentation arena, they are now part of how I communicate in all areas of my life.
Chris Rose
Sentis Associate
Sally was recommended to me as someone with a great reputation for voice coaching. I can say that reputation is indeed well deserved. I worked with sally over 4 sessions during which time I was preparing to deliver a pitch to 200+ people. Sally tailored her approach to suit my individual requirements, with great results. She covered not just the technical aspects of voice but also gesturing, movement on stage and mindset. After my second session someone asked me if I had done something different because I was coming across clearer when presenting!
Alan McFadyen
Founder BitWinder
Learning to use my voice effectively has enabled me to positively extend my personal brand with every single conversation I have from here on. I would recommend the session to anyone who uses speech to communicate, which is everyone.
Joe Dageforde
Workshop participant
We were blown away by Sally's exceptional talk which was very interactive and filled with extremely useful tips! We learnt how to handle our voice effectively and with confidence in various situations, be it in general conversation with a few people or in front of a large audience. We highly recommend Sally's voice coaching for anyone who wants to communicate effectively and make an impact.
Queensland Young Water Professionals
Australian Water Association
Sally gave a guest lecture at UQ and shared her considerable insights into public speaking and presenting. Sally gave an engaging and skillful presentation that thoroughly engaged the students.
Dr Caroline Wilson-Barnao
University of Queensland
Sally was an incredible mentor who helped improve my broadcast voice exponentially.
Mac Lyon
7 News Reporter
As a print journalist moving into broadcast, I couldn't have asked for a better vocal coach than Sally Prosser. With Sally being a trained and experienced journalist, particularly having spent time in regional news, she has a wealth of knowledge and more importantly understanding that gave me the guidance and confidence to make the transition. I'm also learning to love my own voice, which I once thought was impossible. We conduct our classes over Skype and I look forward to each lesson. I can barely tell there's a screen between us because of Sally's warm, approachable and professional teaching manner and I hope to continue to learn from her for the rest of my career.
Charlotte Lam
SBS Journalist
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